Hydrawise for Professionals


Hydrawise for Professionals

A Wi-Fi irrigation controller designed to work for your clients and you. By saving both water and time while protecting your client's landscape, Hydrawise can help you grow your business stronger faster.


Save Water with Professional Water Management

Your clients trust you to design, manage and maintain their yard. Even with all the great technology available today, no controller is smart enough to know exactly what's going on with each plant. The professional's visual inspection and maintenance are key to ensure a healthy, beautiful landscape. With Hydrawise, you get all the tools you need to manage your clients' water wisely and improve their landscape.

Water Savings

  • Experience professional programming with key features like Predictive Watering™, which optimizes irrigation and saves water by automatically adjusting smart (ET) time-based watering schedules based on environmental factors.
  • Ability to adjust zones with triggers that offer your clients a fine-tuned watering schedule based on their specific microclimate.

Easily Identify Problems

  • Monitor the state of the piping system with an optional flow meter. Receive instant alerts on your phone in case of a broken pipe. Troubleshooting is made easy, for both you and your clients, which allows for rapid problem-solving and helps prevent property damage.
  • Instantly detect faulty wiring. Select a Hunter Hydrawise controller that constantly monitors the electrical current flowing to your solenoid valves. If the current is too high or too low, Hydrawise will alert you and communicate which valve is not working properly. This feature will give you instant notification before any plants suffer.
  • Get notified when your customer's controllers are not connected to the internet.

Save Time with the Contractor Portal

A Wi-Fi controller and software management system built to meet your needs.
  • Contractor Portal

    The contractor dashboard offers quick access to the status, faults and changes of customers' controllers, along with any uploaded site plans.

  • Avoid Costly Visits

    Hydrawise software offers quick access from any location. With remote off-site monitoring, professionals can perform management services, like changing watering schedules, from anywhere at any time.

  • Contractor Maps

    See all your controllers on a map for easy identification and driving directions.

  • Customized Permissions

    By giving clients permission to either "full control" or "view with remote control," you can be sure your controller settings are always as you intended, and help prevent unauthorized scheduling changes.

  • Controller Logs

    Get a clear picture of the controller’s history such as faulty wiring issues, flow meter alerts, program changes, and watering events.

  • Multiple Users

    Customized permissions allows you to give access to your whole crew, as well as homeowners, facilitating communication and resolving issues before they become problems.

  • Contractor Alerts

    Create global alerts to automatically be notified when customer controller problems occur, such as faulty wiring or broken pipes.

  • Preconfigured Watering Schedules

    Save your favorite watering schedules to make creating, programming and modifying your customers' controllers easier and faster.

  • Add your business logo and details to your customers app

    Manage sub contractors or regions easily.

  • Fine tune the location of the controller so you know exactly where it is located on the property.

    Set global Weather Triggers to suit your location and apply them to your customers.

  • Use the Hydrawise Remote feature for quick manual operations when onsite. This feature is great for quick Winterizations.

    The Hydrawise setup wizard makes it quick and easy to add new controllers and customers.

  • Send messages direct to customers through the Hydrawise app for efficient communication.

    Virtual Weather Stations (Hydrawise Exclusive) ensure that your customer's controllers are using the most accurate weather data available.

Build a Stronger Business with Hydrawise

Your customers are asking for smart home devices and water savings
Hydrawise Ready controllers deliver both

Now you can offer your customers the most innovative controller on the marketplace and enhance your service offerings at the same time.

Manage your customer's controllers from the office, make changes and monitor their system without going to the site.

  • Job Sheets

    Instantly send job sheets to your in-field staff and fix issues before they become problems.

  • Advanced Reports

    Show your clients how much water they’ve saved by hiring you and installing Hydrawise. Our full reporting package lets you customize and summarize minimum, maximum, average, and totals for individual clients.

  • Professional Hardware

    Hunter's Hydrawise Ready controllers support flow meters, rain sensors, master valves, and even lighting programs. This offers the perfect solution whether you’re replacing an existing controller or offer your clients a new one.Learn More

  • Store Customer Plans and Designs

    Attach irrigation system layouts to each of your customer’s controllers for quick reference in the field. Never forget the location of the pipes or valve box again. Learn More