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Introducing The New Hydrawise® App Your Complete Irrigation Solution!


Save Water and Protect Your Landscape

Hydrawise-Ready Controllers and Hardware

Hunter Wi-Fi controllers are compatible with Hydrawise Software


X2 with WAND

Zones: 4, 6, 8, 14


Zones: 6, 12, 24


Zones: 4 to 32


Zones: 8 to 54
Plastic enclosure


Zones: 8 to 54
Metal enclosure

Sensors and Accessories

HC Flow Meter

Couplings: ¾", 1", 1½", 2"
Wired or wireless models

Rain-Clik Sensor

Wireless rain sensor

Soil-Click Sensor

Wired soil moisture sensor

PX Sync

Control lighting
transformer with Hunter
irrigation controllers

Learn more about hardware at hunterindustries.com or purchase through an authorized Hunter Distributor.

Water-Saving Sprinkler System

Intuitive Hydrawise Software is an easy-to-use solution for efficient water management. It provides professionals and homeowners with detailed oversight of their irrigation controllers, allowing them to adjust watering schedules, monitor piping and electrical systems, and achieve up to 50% in water savings through Predictive Watering® adjustments. Available as a mobile app or web interface.

Predictive Watering

Hydrawise uses award-winning Predictive Watering to adjust your landscape’s irrigation based on highly accurate local weather data from The Weather Company and Hydrawise Virtual Weather Stations (VWS). This ensures your yard receives the optimal amount of water for healthy growth while also saving you time and money.

Improved Local Weather Insights

Dive into weather data with enhanced icons and descriptors that make it easier to understand the forecast’s impact on your irrigation schedule.


Transparency at Your Fingertips

Get detailed insights into your irrigation system’s behavior with updates that explain why watering did or didn’t occur.

Know Your Yard is Protected

With Hydrawise, everything you need is in the palm of your hand. The built-in remote feature gives you instant access to view system data, monitor your controller, and make needed adjustments at any time from your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll even get notified if an issues arises, so you can resolve it before landscape damage occurs.

Gain Professional Support

Adding a professional contractor takes the guesswork out of managing your irrigation system. With Hydrawise, both you and your contractor instantly receive flow and electrical system monitoring alerts. That way, you're notified immediately in the event of a problem, and you can rest assured that your outdoor living space remains protected.

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