Hydrawise Cloud Software Pricing and Plans


Hydrawise Cloud Software Pricing and Plans

Expand your system with a Subscription plan.

Hydrawise Ready Wi-Fi Controllers

A Hydrawise system starts with a Hunter Hydrawise Ready controller and optional sensors. Once connected to the internet, you will start saving water and be able to control your system via your smartphone or web browser.

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Hydrawise Plans and Pricing

The Hydrawise system is free for most users worldwide. The Weather Underground award-winning forecasting and airport weather stations meet the needs of the typical user. For those interested in even more water-savings, the hyper-local weather feature in the Enthusiast Plan provides access to more than 100,000 personal, airport and official weather stations, and allows you to monitor five weather stations at your location.

Homeowner Plans

Features Home Enthusiast
Hyper-local Rainfall Monitoring from Weather Yes Yes
Notification for Alerts Hydrawise App Text (SMS) and Hydrawise App
Number of Users (login account per Customer Plan) 1 5
Number of Controllers per Customer Plan 3 5
Attach Images to Zones 25 MB 100 MB
Reporting History 30 days 365 days
Plans and File Storage 25 MB 100 MB
Start Watering Based on Sensor Input Yes Yes

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