About Us


Hydrawise, cloud software for Wi-Fi-based irrigation controllers, is a product line of Hunter Industries, a global leader in the irrigation industry that wants to bring the future of smart connected controllers to both professionals and homeowners.

The award-winning Hydrawise system was founded in 2011 by Melbourne, Australia-based IT and computer networking veteran and entrepreneur, Cameron Ryan, who combined weather information, wireless communication and smartphone apps to create a simple-to-use irrigation controller for homeowners. Hunter Industries and Ryan are focused on expanding the Hydrawise platform and developing new and exciting products that will not only meet the needs of homeowners but also those of professionals, providing the same high quality and excellent services they’ve come to expect from Hunter. Among some of the outstanding Hydrawise features are remote access for quick and easy off-site irrigation management, Predictive Watering, advanced reports, controller logs and job sheets that save users time and money while keeping them informed of issues before they turn into problems.

Hydrawise was first introduced in 2011 at the Landscape Australia conference where it was recognized for Best New Product. Since then, it has earned many more coveted awards including the 2015 Good Design™ Award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture; Winner of Best New Product from the Landscape Australia Expo 2011; and Winner of The Australian Innovation Challenge.

Hunter will build on Hydrawise’s early successes to offer homeowners more options for smart irrigation management that’s easy to use as well as build on Hunter’s on-going commitment to save water and being environmentally and socially responsible. Meanwhile, Hunter’s vast global distribution network and international sales force will allow professionals the opportunity to introduce Hydrawise controllers and supporting systems to existing and new clients looking for a water management system that can be easily controlled remotely from anywhere worldwide.

We are proud to offer the Hydrawise software and will continue to bring you the very latest in irrigation technology.