What Customers are Saying About Us


We have lots of happy customers all around the world.

Hydrawise Ready controllers are installed in over 30 countries worldwide where the weather conditions are as varied as the people. We always love to hear from our customers. Below you'll read from our happy customers how Hydrawise and the Hydrawise Team saves them time and money, and provides excellent customer service.

We live in the Nevada desert and every summer our water bills are over $100 just to keep our small grass area green as well as our other plants alive. Since installing the Hydrawise unit, our water bill has gone from $137 to $74 since May.

— Darlene, Las Vegas, NV

Setup was nice and easy. Having had some very hot days, the controller increased my water times appropriately. Good fun turning on the water from my phone too!

— Wally, Victoria, Australia

Performance has been nothing short of amazing. The system will definitely come in handy during my travels away from home.

— Bill, Florida, USA

Just letting you know everything is going well with my controller and it hasn’t missed a beat…

— Bruce, NSW Australia

I’ve been running my Hydrawise for a little over a week, and absolutely love it. This is really much more than a simple WiFi-enabled irrigation controller—it’s really a complete solution made up of the controller, cloud infrastructure, phone apps and accessory sensors.

— "Zoinger", USA

Thank you a million times for your superb support and assistance.

— Larry, California USA

That is fantastic support! Thanks very much.

— Stephen, NSW Australia

That is fantastic support! Thanks very much.

— Stephen, NSW Australia

Peace of mind ★★★★★

I purchased a Hydrawise controller and flow meter just before going overseas for 5 weeks. This app was fantastic and gave me peace of mind the whole time I was away. It showed me that the temperatures back home were insanely hot so I used the app to water more often when it was really hot but only if there had been almost no rain. I don’t have a rain sensor so I used the app to choose nearby weather stations for temperature and rain measurements. The whole system worked brilliantly until one day, I received an automated message from the controller telling me my front garden had used much more water than usual. I used the app to look at the water flow and the chart confirmed at a glance that way too much water was being used for the front garden zone. I called a local irrigation system installer guy who dropped around to my home and found a water pipe connector had a leak which he fixed on the spot. I was then able to use the Hydrawise app to confirm that water usage was back to normal on the next watering cycle. This app gave me great peace of mind while I was away and I hate to think how much water would have been wasted, and how many plants might have died, if I hadn’t chosen the Hydrawise controller and flow meter system.

by Bean_away – Version 2.0.1 – Aug 7, 2013

Best App I’ve Used In A Long Time!!! ★★★★★

I have been searching for an automated sprinkler system for years. This system and app is the best out there by far. Within 10 minutes I unscrewed my old wires from the controller and screwed them back again into the Hydrawise unit. I entered my wireless password and I was up and running. I can walk around my yard and test the zones and sprinkler heads. I can also get very sophisticated on how and when the system goes off based on the local weather and other factors. Download the trial and check it out. It works EXACTLY as it says on the web site and EXACTLY how the trial works. It’s refreshing to spend money and have zero regrets. Congrats Hydrawise!

by packerryan – Version 2.0.1 – Jul 8, 2013

Great, simple and easy to use app! ★★★★★

Very easy setup on website. Looked good so I ordered the controller. A few days later it arrived, took about 10 minutes to swap my old one out. Logged into website and put in controller ID and I was up and running! The latest release allows for the saving of login information which makes it easier to use! Highly recommend this easy to use app!

by Ch33t – Version 1.2 – Sep 3, 2012

Awesome! ★★★★★

Being a Defense Contractor who travels constantly abroad, I was looking for a way to control my irrigation system here in the states while working in the war zones. I looked everywhere until I stumbled across Hydrawise. Fast shipping and easy installation and set up was a godsend. Works as advertised and flawlessly! A huge “wow factor” when friends are visiting. Highly recommended!

by ACSS – Version 1.1 – May 20, 2012

I love this product ★★★★★

I have replaced a traditional analogue sprinkler controller with Hydrawise and love it. We saved plenty of water all Summer and it automatically shuts down over winter and the cooler days (or wetter). I have also just installed a unit for my Mum and Dad, who find it much easier to use than their old controller. Love that it works from iPhone or iPad as well. New software is cool, as no need to login every time, which was a pain. Keep up the nice work, SL in Melbourne

by Lidg – Version 2.0.1 – Jun 20, 2013

Best Wi-Fi Sprinkler ★★★★

Researched many different companies and decided to go with Hydrawise. It was easy to order and arrived quickly. I had some issue with connecting to my Wi-Fi network but customer support resolved quickly and were very helpful. Thus far I am very pleased with purchase. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer auto adjustments for rainfall unless you pay $60 a year. For those of us that only water a max of 6 months a year it seems unlikely you can recoup that cost in water savings. So now I have to manually delay but now I can do that even when I am away from home. The auto adjustments for temperature and the ability to manually run while out in the yard and see actual watering time for week are invaluable.

by JedWare – Version 2.0.1 – Jun 14, 2013

Great App, easy setup ★★★★★

Did a ton of research on wifi sprinkler controllers. Most are too large (too many zones) and much more expensive than this one. Some of the lower cost wifi capable controllers, like open source solutions out there are primitive http intranets that require NAT or DMZ them to the Internet to control. With Hydrawise, you can leverage the cloud, similar to the Nest thermostat. I’m still new to this product, will provide more feedback soon.

by JerryGomez2002 – Version 1.1 – Apr 4, 2012