Flow Monitoring

Avoid site visits to detect broken pipes or spray heads, faulty wiring or faulty valves

Flow Meter Usage

Hydrawise's flow measurement feature allows you to detect when you have broken pipes, spray heads and faulty wiring or valves.

Online reporting and alerts are a key feature of this service. You can view water usage (in litres or gallons) for each watering cycle or view your water flow rate at any time.

In-App alerts will tell you when you have water flows (eg. due to a broken pipe or faulty valve) when no zone is currently running. You can also configure alerts when the water usage for an irrigation zone changes by more than 10% (eg. when there are broken spray heads or faulty wiring).

When combined with our other standard features such as extra automatic watering during hot conditions and automatic suspension of watering during high rainfall or low temperatures you can fully monitor the performance of your irrigation system remotely without site visits.