Detect Faulty Wiring

How does Hydrawise detect faulty wiring or solenoids?

When each zone is watering, Hydrawise is constantly monitoring the current flowing to your solenoid or valve. If the current is too high then this can indicate a faulty solenoid or a wiring short – Hydrawise will automatically shut down the zone and log a warning in the controller’s event log or send an in-app alert.

Sometimes a wire in your irrigation system will break or a solenoid will go ‘open circuit’. Hydrawise detects this situation as well and logs an alert in your controller’s event log.

You can use Hydrawise’s current detection functionality to find out about irrigation faults before you notice dead plants. Current detection is included free with the HC-1201 controller. If you have a Hydrawise flow meter then this can also be used to detect changes in water placed on each zone.