X2 with WAND Smart Irrigation Controller

Lower Your Water Bill by Up To 50% With Hydrawise Smart Watering

WAND is a simple plug-in Wi-Fi option for any X2 controller model for online irrigation management from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Total control from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Get alerts for faulty solenoids that may cause damage landscape
  • View reports on water use and total water savings
  • Only water when needed using online weather forecasts
  • Voice activation with Amazon Alexa, HomeSeer, and Control4
  • Grant access and permissions to your irrigation contractor

To upgrade your X2, Get connected with a local authorized landscape professional or buy from a Hunter distributor closest to you.


By adding WAND Wi-Fi Module to your X2 controller, it connects to Hydrawise Predictive Watering™ allowing the system to adjust schedules based on forecasted temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity to provide the maximum water savings.


Hydrawise software combines internet weather adjustments with professional programming features. These combined features allow for up to 50 percent in water savings vs. a controller base that is programmed and not adjusted throughout the year.


Bluetooth® pairing allows fast, simple controller setup from a single screen without the need for Wi-Fi access. The Rapid Programming™ Technology speeds multiple site scheduling using a simple "copy and paste" function. Bluetooth technology transforms any smartphone into a remote, making it easy to test stations while on-site.


Daily schedule adjustments based on local weather data monitor past, current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind speed. This allows for adjustments of watering times and schedules to balance water savings with water effciency for plants.


Hydrawise allows you to use any local airport weather station at no cost or add up to five (5) weather stations from weather underground with an Enthusiast Plan for hyper-local weather data. With this flexible web-based weather system, you can even add your own weather station, if there is no weather station nearby.


If you want to be able to have different users log into your controller, like your significant other, the Enthusiast Plan lets you add multiple users to your account. Users can even be 'read only,' so that they can’t make any changes to your configuration.


Get a clear picture of the controller’s history such as faulty wiring issues, program changes, and watering events that are all logged.

Technical Specs


- Hunter WAND Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module
- Quick start guide

Wi-Fi Compatibility

2.4 GHz (only) WiFi router compatible, 802.11 b/g/n 20MHz
Supported Security Protocols: WPA/WPA2 Personal (only) TLS, SSL

App Compatibility

iOS 10.0+ and Android 5.1+; subject to change. Mobile app is required to connect the controller to Wi-Fi. Web app available on most browsers.


Works with, Amazon Alexa, Control4, and HomeSeer.

Power Specs

WAND is powered by the X2 controller and must be connected to AC power. See full X2 specifications here.

Compatible Devices

Amazon Alexa

Use voice command to control your irrigation. Alexa responds to the manual functions of Hydrawise. Individual zone control Alexa, ask Hydrawise to Start Zone 1. Alexa, ask Hydrawise to Stop Zone 1. Alexa, ask Hydrawise to Suspend Zone 2, until a specific date (December 15). All zone control Alexa, Ask Hydrawise to run all Zones. Alexa, Ask Hydrawise to stop all Zones. Alexa, ask Hydrawise to Suspend all zones until a specific date. Read More


Hydrawise is compatible with Control4 home automation software. Control4 installers can now download drivers to allow the integration. From the Control4 app, you can access the following features: View icons and zone information, View proposed watering, Manually start a zone, and View active (watering) stations. Read More


Hydrawise irrigation management technology is compatible with HomeSeer home automation software. The Hydrawise for HomeSeer integration plug-in is called rnbHydra. The plug-in is available for both versions of HomeSeer in production, version 3 (HS3) and version 4 (HS4, recently launched). Read More