Weather Stations You Can Trust

Weather Stations You Can Trust

Hydrawise uses local weather stations and weather forecasts to automatically adjust the watering times of your irrigation zones. On hot days, Hydrawise can increase the watering of your plants. On cool days, Hydrawise will dial back to save you water. This ensures that your plants get just the right amount of water, every day.

Using weather data, Hydrawise changes watering according to seasons. You’ll water less in cooler months, and see your plants thrive in warmer months. Predictive Watering™ is a standard feature included with your free Hydrawise account. Predictive Watering™ suspends your controller’s watering based on predicted temperature or rainfall, and thus, acts like a virtual rain sensor. You can adjust the rainfall and temperature thresholds to automatically trigger your irrigation system to water more or less, based on local conditions.

You can choose any airport weather station at no cost. For more accurate weather data, the Enthusiast Plan lets you choose up to five personal weather stations. For even more water savings, the advanced weather pack that comes with the Enthusiast Plan also provides access to more than 100,000 personal, airport and official weather stations.

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