Introducing Contractor Messaging and Many Improvements!

We are pleased to announce that the Hydrawise™ Development Team has released some exciting new features and improvements. These include:

Please find a more comprehensive description of these features and improvements below.

Contractor Messaging

First, imagine messaging your customers directly from the Hydrawise app. Well, imagine no more! Hydrawise now allows for contractors and customers to communicate via the app in an instant-message-type format. Messages between contractors and customers appear as push notifications on the customers' phones (just like alerts) and are also visible under "Settings -> Messages" in the app or web browser. We even store the conversations, so you can easily go back to reference a specific interaction.

This tool provides contractors the ability to messages customers directly. Messages can be sent out to individual customers or all customers. Here are a few ideas from our team:

  • Call now to book your winterization.
  • Have you seen our monthly specials?
  • Please be aware of the following urgent weather notices
  • Fertilizer and chemical reminders
  • We noticed your irrigation system had a High Flow Alert last night. My team will visit later today to look at it for you.

With Hydrawise Contractor Messaging, you can add value to your business! Contractor Messaging is available from the "Three Gears" drop-down menu. Please note that users can only send and receive messages to and from their contractor.

Login Portal

In line with modern security practices, we have now implemented a maximum of 10 failed password attempts when users are logging in. If a user gets their password wrong 10 times within a five-minute period, they will need to wait five minutes to try again. Alternatively, they can send themselves a "reset password" email.

Contractor Welcome Email

Hydrawise sends a welcome email to all customers who say, "Yes, I am a contractor." This email is now sent out five minutes after creating an account, rather than one day. This will hopefully provide contractors with a resource to help them better utilize their Hydrawise system.

Subscription Plans

Our new subscription plan enhancements are ideal for contractors who are growing and need to upgrade their plans. Previously, for example, as you upgraded from a Contractor Plan to a Bronze Plan, the Hunter Tech Services Team would need to manually calculate and extend your new Bronze Plan. However, from today, when a contractor adds a new plan to their account (regardless of where they purchased it), any unused dollar portion of their existing plan is automatically added to extend the length of the new plan.

This feature also helps contractors if they wish to sell Enthusiast (Home Premium) Plans to their customers. Contractors can invoice their customers yearly and as their customers pay, the contractor can easily manage their plans. Any extra time will automatically be carried over.

The formula is 1 year + 365 * (remaining cost of the existing plan) / (cost of the new plan). Here are some examples:

1. A contractor has an existing Contractor Plan (U.S. $120 per year). After using it for 6 months and reaching the limit of 50 controllers, he upgrades to a Bronze Plan. However, there is $60 of credit remaining on his existing plan. A Bronze Plan costs $348 for 1 year, so when he sets up his new plan in the Hydrawise app, it will be vaild for for 1 year and 63 days (63 days is the value of his previous plan).

2. If a customer purchases an Enthusiast Plan before her current one expires, the same rules apply. For example, she purchases another Enthusiast Plan 5 days before it expires. The unused portion is 60 * (5/365) = $0.82. The new Enthusiast Plan length is 1 year + 365*0.82/60 = 1 year and 5 days.

Sensors Selection Page

New sensor selections are now available to accommodate the addition of the new HC flow sensor models: 1.5" and 2" NPT, as well as 40 mm 50 mm BSP. When adding a sensor, the sensor types are now grouped by function. Sensor information is displayed per controller instead of account-wide. This brings sensors in line with all other controller configuration pages (e.g., Zones, Watering Triggers).

Controller Settings/Configuration Page

To better understand your controller settings, our enhanced page layout allows you to more easily set delays or "Offline Water Adjustments." Information is more clearly displayed and can be easily changed.

Locations/Weather Station Page

This has been reworked to enable faster loading. Now, there are no more "jumping maps" as weather stations load.

My Account Page

We have now included the units of measure (Celsius and Fahrenheit) for the account holder. These were previously a controller setting. We use these when we generate reports and also in the event logs.

We developed and introduced these updates to enhance your Hydrawise experience. As always, the team here at Hydrawise continuously strives to bring you tools to make your life easier and help your business grow.