Hydrawise Weather Stations

Hydrawise Weather Stations

Using Hydrawise, you can save up to 50% on your water bill.

Hydrawise uses local weather stations and weather forecasts to automatically adjust the watering times of your irrigation zones. Enter your address or zip code below and we will show you available weather stations in your area, and your potential water savings. For more information about weather stations, visit Weather Stations You Can Trust


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Just enter your address to see estimated water savings for your area. If you click on the icons in the map you can see current temperature and rainfall for today.

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  • We only use the best weather information sourced from Weather Underground.

    Estimated water savings are calcuated by comparing Hydrawise Smart Watering to a standard irrigation controller configured to water your grass properly at the peak of your irrigation season. This estimate is based on the historical average temperature and rainfall recorded at this weather location. Your savings will vary based on the actual weather, the type of plants that you have, how you currently use your irrigation and how you configure your Hydrawise controller.


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