New Feature - Per Zone Program Start Times

Since we released Hydrawise nearly two years ago we've had the concept of Program Start Times - these are times that your controller is permitted to water an irrigation zone. You can configure Program Start Times for specific days of the week or on odd or even days.

Program Start Times are only used when a zone is due to water. For example if your Lawn is configured to water once a week and it has been 7 days or more since the zone's last water your controller will use the next available Program Start Time to water your Lawn.

We have now enhanced this feature to allow you to configure Program Start Times on a per Zone or per Watering Schedule basis (in the past all Program Start Times were available to be used by all zones).

Configuration is simple - we've added an extra column called Zones & Schedules to the Program Start Time table allowing you to specify which Zones or Watering Schedules it is for. By default Program Start Times are used by all zones.

Here's a sample Program Start Time list -

Program Start Times

In the table above the Front Lawn is permitted to water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00am and the Back Lawn is permitted to water on Tuesday and Thursday only.

Remember that these are the times that the Front Lawn and Back Lawn are permitted to water - it doesn't necessarily mean that they will water on every one of these days. The frequency which your zones will water is determined by the watering frequency you've chosen for each zone.

Zone Enhancements

We have also added more information for each of your Zones to allow you to easily see when a zone is next scheduled to run, what watering frequency the zone has and what available Program Start Times the zone has. Use the icon (next to the trash can) to see more information.



How do I get these features?

These features are automatically available to everyone right now. On your Zones & Schedules page you'll be able to see the additions to the Program Start Times and the Zone tables.

Our Android app update has already been released and our iPad and iPhone apps are currently going through the Apple's App Store approval and will be available for update within the next week.

As always we happy to hear your feedback - let us know if you've got any comments!