Updated Hydrawise App Reporting Increases Visibility

Discovering insights about your customers' irrigation system performance just got easier, thanks to recent updates within the Hydrawise App. Now you can access all your watering and field information in one place for increased visibility and convenience.

The new Watering reports section provides useful system information, such as upcoming watering schedules, actual watering history, and detailed water savings reports. We've also simplified the navigation to make it quicker and easier to access the reports you need.

Along with this, we've centralized field information under the new Observations & Sensors reports section. To make it easy to find the reports you want, we've revised some of the names:

  • Water Usage by Zone — previously Flow Meter Measurements
  • Sensor Status — previously Sensor Levels
  • Electrical Monitoring — previously Solenoid Load
  • System Watering Summary — previously Total Water Usage
  • System Flow — previously Flow Rates (per minute)
  • Virtual Solar Sync — no name change
  • Smart Water Balance — no name change

The previous Weather and Historical Weather reports have been consolidated under our new Weather reports section. There, you'll find all your weather information in one convenient location.

By combining the Watering, Observations & Sensors, and Weather reports, you now have maximum visibility into your landscape's watering needs.

In addition, we've updated our Zones tab for greater insight into Cycle & Soak settings. When this feature is enabled, you'll now see the cycle time as well as the soak time in one place.