Dashboard updates - support for soil and moisture sensors and sensor reporting

It's been a busy Easter here at Hydrawise. Our latest controller dashboard update is now available to all customers (no upgrade required - just log in). Some of the features are listed below.

Support for Soil and Moisture Sensors

Our flow meter configuration section has been updated to support monitoring of soil and moisture sensors (we changed the name of this from Flow Meters to Sensors to reflect this change.

You can now create soil or moisture sensors and automatically suspend watering when these sensors are active. We support both NC (normally closed) and NO (normally open) sensors types of sensors.

Adding a sensor is easy - just wire your soil or moisture sensor to one of the 4 sensors on the new controller hardware and then create the sensor in the reports have also been updated to show your sensor levels.

Our level-based sensors will work with any type of contact-based sensor which is normally open or closed. For example if you had a sensor which measured low levels in your water tank you could use this to suspend watering when the level reached a low level - I'm sure you can think of other examples...