New Hydrawise Features: Email Irrigation Reports to Customers, Grow-In Programs, Day of the Week Watering Now Available for Odd/Even and Interval Days

Continuous improvement is part of our mission to remain your first choice for irrigation management. Helpful user feedback has allowed us to offer the following new features for the Hydrawise platform.

Email Irrigation Reports to Customers

The flexibility, ease of use, and management tools of Hydrawise make it the first choice of irrigation contractors worldwide. A common question from contractors is: How can I show my customers I am managing their irrigation? We’re happy to announce that Hydrawise now offers contractors the option to email irrigation reports directly to customers.

Contractors can set up automatically generated irrigation reports for their customers on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. A link to the report can be delivered via email or via the Hydrawise app. Here is how they work:

  1. Use this feature by going to Multi-Site Manager > Customer Wide Settings

Customer Reports

  1. Click “Add customer report.”

  1. Give the report a name. This will be the heading of the report.
  2. Add a short customer message. You can change this for each report or just have a generic message.
  3. Select the report type. Water Use summarizes the last period with information about the irrigation that occurred. Upcoming Watering shows what Hydrawise expects the watering to be based on the forecast at the time of the report.
  4. Select the report frequency: weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  5. The report will start to collect and store data from the time you build the report. Then select Next.
  6. Select the customers that you want to receive the reports. Choose “All customers” or “Selected customers” for specific accounts.

  1. Next, select the method of notification: email, app notification, or both. Click OK.

Your report is now starting to collect and store data for the customers that you selected. The report will be automatically sent to your customers according to the Report Frequency.

Your customer will receive this message:

When they click on View Report, they will go to the Reports tab in Hydrawise.

They can then click on the report that they wish to view.

Here is how a report appears on a smartphone:

Grow-In Programs

Establishing new turf or plants sometimes requires a special watering program. A Grow-In Program can require several watering sessions per day for the first few weeks to ensure that new sod establishes itself into the soil. It might also require the ability to ignore the rain sensor and any other watering triggers that might reduce watering. Each Zone may have a different run time than would normally be used. Hydrawise now offers a Grow-In Program function to help contractors simplify this time-consuming task.

The Hydrawise Grow-In Program provides a Standard Mode Program that allows for custom Zone run times, Watering Triggers, rain sensor activations, and multiple start times all with a defined start and end date. These abilities make it easy to set up a new turf or sod program that automatically switches to a normal program on the day you decide. Here’s how it works:

  1. Using Standard Mode Programming simply advanced to the Schedule Adjustments tab.
  2. Click “Grow-In Program.”

  1. This will open the Grow In Programs section.

  1. Here, you can:
    • Start a program on a certain day
    • Stop a program on a certain day
    • Ignore the rain sensor for this program

You do not need to stop this program. Just remove the tick from the box.

If the program is already running, you can stop it on a certain day by adding a tick to the box.

Day of the Week Watering Now Available for Odd/Even and Interval Days

Do you need to ensure that your lawn is not watered on a mowing day? Say, Friday? This is easy in normal watering. However, if you are using odd- or even-day watering or interval watering due to watering restrictions, it has been difficult to accommodate not watering on Fridays. Until now!

Hydrawise now offers day of week watering for odd/even and interval watering. Simply select the days of the week that you want to water and Hydrawise will skip the non-water days. Here’s how it works:

  1. Using Standard Mode from the program section and start times, simply select the watering days:
    • Even days (all even days in a month)
    • Odd days (all odd days in a month except the 31st)
    • Interval watering (number of days between watering)

  1. Then simply select the days of the week to water. Hydrawise will restrict watering on other days. It’s that easy!

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